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Behavior Code


OMGBA Sportsman's Code:


  • Treat opponents, coaches and officials with respect.
  • Respect the property of others.
  • Know and follow the rules of basketball
  • Recognize and appreciate a good play, no matter who makes it.


  • Know, teach, and follow the rules of basketball.
  • Accept the decisions of officials without showing inappropriate emotions.
  • Avoid public displays of criticism in front of players and spectators.
  • Exercise self-control at all times. This sets the example for others to follow.
  • Teach and encourage good sportsmanship.


  • Treat opponents with respect at all times.
  • Avoid improper gesture and language.
  • Respect the judgments of the game officials.
  • Exercise self-control at all times. This sets the example for others to follow.
  • Win without boasting. Lose without excuses. Never quit.


  • Respect the judgments of game officials.
  • Avoid improper gesture and language.
  • Teach and encourage good sportsmanship.

OMGBA Behavior Code:

Players, coaches, parents and spectators are expected to represent Osseo and Maple Grove with the highest level of sportsmanship and personal conduct. Conduct reflects not only on oneself but rather all associated with the OMGBA and the communities of Osseo and Maple Grove.

  • Prior to established start time, parents and coaches are responsible for players.
  • Coaches have full, absolute control of the gym during practice.
  • Following completion of each game or practice, coaches are responsible for players until they leave the facility or are under the supervision of parent / guardian.
  • Respect and care must be given facilities and equipment made available for the OMGBA program, as well as for all property.
  • Players are not to hang from the net or rim, or attempt to dunk the ball at anytime.
  • Players and coaches are held responsible for any such related damage.
  • Referees have authority to monitor and discipline any individual within a gym facility during the game.

Disciplinary Action:

Activity observed and documented in conflict with the previously noted sportsmanship and behavior codes results in a verbal warning from the OMGBA.  A second documented violation results in a written warning from the OMGBA and/or probation or suspension.  A third documented violation results in expulsion for the current season and, further, no future opportunity shall be extended by the OMGBA with regard to community representation.

One appeal may be made to the OMGBA Executive Committee, which maintains final decision authority in any such matter.

Note: Should expulsion occur, refunds are made consistent with the OMGBA Refund Policy.