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Grievance Process

From time to time, parents and players may have a grievance with a coach, another player, or with an OMGBA policy, process, procedure, bylaw, etc.

We advise parents and players to wait 24 hours following an incident. This gives all parties a chance to cool down, vent with others and/or seek advice from others, and attempt to see the other side's point of view.

We then recommend you approach the individual you have an issue with, as they are probably the best one to recognize the issue and work with you towards a solution.

From time to time, parents and players may not feel comfortable approaching an individual. If that is the case, we recommend you approach the first OMGBA representative you feel comfortable with:

1. Head Coach
2. League Coordinator or League Commissioner
3. Vice President
4. President

This list is not meant to be "If you don't get the answer you like, keep trying," but if your concern is not heard or not dealt with adequately, you may move down the list.

The board's meeting schedule is posted at and you are welcome to attend. We recommend contacting the President first if you'd like your subject added to the agenda. If it involves a member of the board, the President, at his/her discretion, may ask the board member(s) to excuse themselves.

Want to provide feedback anonymously? Write us at:

P.O. Box 1764
Maple Grove, Minnesota 55311

Mail is generally picked-up once per week by the President.