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Dibs Requirements

Claiming Volunteer Hours thru the DIBS Volunteer Account

OMGBA uses the DIBS system to manage all volunteer hours.  A DIBS volunteer account is setup automatically for each family as part of the registration process for the traveling basketball season.

Volunteer activites are added to the DIBS calendar when they become available. Volunteer hours are claimed via the DIBS tab on the top far right menu bar on the OMGBA webpage.

Please refer to the Volunteer Program Guidelines for a current overview of the OMGBA Volunteer requirements.

Questions regarding DIBS account activity and volunteer hours are to be directed to:

Mike Stern

Volunteer Coordinator




Volunteer Position Descriptions

New for 2020... Dibs/Volunteer positions can only be fulfilled by adults
(age 18 or older)


As of the Fall of 2021, OMGBA tournaments will not charge a gate fee, therefore we do not expect Admissions shifts will be published.


The Greeter assists teams and spectators by sharing helpful facility information (courts, brackets, facilities locations) as they enter the building, and helps ensure building COVID guidelines are understood and followed. 


  • Set up concession stand prior to games starting
  • Sell concessions items.  Cash and card payment accepted
  • Close after the last games of the day end. 
  • Clean/Sanitize concession and spectator areas as needed.


Floater will be assigned to position by Site Supervisor. Job will entail helping out in any aspect of the tournament needs. ie: (running time clock, helping concessions, sanitizing facility).


As of Fall 2021, the participating teams will provide both the Score Book and Clock.

Score book will be covered by the “Home” basketball team according to the bracket/pool, while the Clock will be covered by the "Away" team.



What is Dibs?

  • Dibs is a program that OMGBA uses to coordinate our travel team parent volunteers at our home Travel Tournaments
  • To ensure our Travel Tournaments run smoothly, OMGBA has over 450 volunteer shifts that need to be covered for admissions, concessions, and time clock operators.

When can I complete my Dibs volunteering?

  • The opportunity to complete your Dibs volunteering is during the Girls and Boys OMGBA home travel tournaments.  These tournaments are typically the first 2x weekends of November.

Can I volunteer at some other time during the OMGBA travel season?

  • OMGBA always welcomes volunteering throughout our basketball season, however, Dibs can only be satisfied during our Girls and Boys home travel tournaments in November. 

When can I sign up for my Dibs volunteer shifts? (The Dibs Page says "You have no Dibs session")

  • The Dibs session typically opens ~2 weeks prior to the Girls OMGBA tournament (~October 27th +/- a couple days).
    HOWEVER... this year could be more dynamic than in years past so your patience is appreciated if we need to make last minute adjustments.
  • You will receive an email a few days ahead of the planned opening of the Dibs session
  • Dibs will close ~4 days prior to the Girls OMGBA tournament. 

How many shifts must I work to fulfill my Volunteer obligation?

  • 2x shifts if you have 1 player in the 5th-8th grade travel program
  • 3x shifts if you have 2 or more players in the 5th-8th grade travel
  • Each shift is approximately 4 hours
  • You must complete your entire obligation (no partial credit), otherwise your Dibs deposit check will be cashed.

OK, so I have 2 (or more) kids in Travel, so I should only have to do 3 Dibs shifts... Why does Sport Engine tell me I have to complete 4 (or more) shifts?  Which one is it?

  • It is only 3 shifts.  Because Sport Engine has limited editing for Dibs administration, it will tell you to complete 2 shifts per player without regard to if they are siblings.  Not to worry, these details are reconciled offline and your volunteer requirements will be marked complete when you've volunteered your 3 shifts .

The only Dibs shifts left are for Time Keeper (score clock operator), can I do anything else?

  • Dibs shifts are available first come first serve and fill up fast!  Get online early to get the best selection of position, location, and time.
  • Check back from time to time as previously claimed positions do get released
  • ... and while score clocks may appear intimidating, they are straight forward to operate.  If you have any concerns, show up a few minutes early and ask for some pointers from the Site Supervisor. 

Can someone else cover my Dibs shift?

  • Yes, you may have a substitute cover your Dibs shift.

My child's mother can see and claim the Dibs shifts when she is signed in, but I can't when I am signed in... why is that?

  • Dibs is directly linked to the Sport Engine "user" login that registered the player for Travel Basketball.  You will have to plan ahead/work together to claim the required number of shifts that work for your schedules.
  • ... I would have been there, but I didn't get a reminder email.  Similarly the Dibs shift reminder email will only come to the registered "user" email address... regardless, you are still responsible for knowing when & showing up for your claimed shift. 

What if at the last minute I can't cover a shift I signed up for?

  • You are ultimately responsible for ensuring the Dibs volunteer shift has been been fulfilled; you can attempt to trade a shift with another team parent or find a sub.
  • If you or your substitute fails to show up to cover your shift, your Dibs obligation will be incomplete.

How do I prove I covered my volunteer shift(s)?

  • When you arrive for your Dibs shift, there will be a sign-in sheet at the admissions booth.  Please remember to sign in.

Why do I have to give OMGBA a Dibs deposit check?

  • OMGBA requires a Dibs deposit check for two reasons
    • ... to give incentive for volunteers to complete the shifts they claimed
    • ... to offset OMGBA's expenses for hiring workers to fulfill the vacated volunteer shifts.
  • Deposit checks will be cashed if the volunteer hours are not fulfilled
  • Deposit checks will be shredded when the volunteer hours are completed

I am a Traveling Team head coach or assistant coach, do I have to do Dibs?

  • Traveling Team assistant coaches must submit a Dibs deposit check and are expected to complete shifts through the Dibs program.
  • Traveling Team head coaches will satisfy volunteer requirements outside of the Dibs system and support the OMGBA tournament by being a Site Supervisor.  Traveling Team head coaches are not required to submit a Dibs deposit check.

How can I learn more?

  • Please attend your parent meeting during the first night of traveling tryouts for additional information or contact the OMGBA Volunteer Coordinator at


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