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Coach's Corner

Welcome to the OMGBA Coach's Room

This page is a start to give our coaches an avenue to gain basketball knowledge. On this page you will find links to some good basketball sites. There you will find drills, defenses, offenses, advice from other coaches, or answers to those questions you might have. Hopefully you will find these sites helpful in your quest to teach and coach your basketball team.

With your help we can grow this page. If you have a good You Tube video or website that is not linked here please send the link to the webmaster. Thank You!

Communication is KEY - Create a TEAM PAGE for your team.

Click HERE to learn how to set up your team page on this website.  Sometimes it helps to have a parent assigned to administer this page.  Practice schedules will be imported to the team calendars by the OMGBA scheduler, but games schedules and other events can be manually uploaded.

For Helpful Links

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Remind Parents:

Note to Parents

Drills for the Shooting Machine


Trusted Coaches Program

All OMGBA coaches for grades 3 - 12 will be receiving an email from Trusted Coaches that contains an access code link  for you to complete the program.  There are 4 components to this requirement to complete to coach for OMGBA.  These 4 components include concussion training, first aid training, Positive Coaching Alliance training (PCA) and the background check.  This is a new program for OMGBA and all sections of this program need to be completed before you can begin any practices.  On average, it will take approximately 90 minutes to fulfill this requirement.

Please view the attachment below that is a sample of an email you will be receiving from Trusted Coaches.   THIS IS A SAMPLE ONLY. 

Trusted Coaches Access Code

Dear Coach, you have been invited to participate in the Trusted Coaches (TC) Verification Program by your local sports organization.

Trusted Coaches offers the best coaching tools available today and registered coaches will receive a National Background Check, Concussion Training, First-Aid Training and PCA Training all ONLINE! Completion of the program will result in membership on the National Coaches Registry as well as a personalized Trusted Coaches Verification Card to show your team parents that you have all the training to coach their children.

Please have your social security number handy (for the background check) as well as a picture of you for the Registry and Verification Card.

To get started, simply click on the coupon code link below: 
Coupon Code: xxxxxxxx

For technical assistance please contact Trusted Coaches at 608-210-1715

Once you receive the email from Trusted Coaches, you may click on the link to set up your account and begin the training program.  

Introduction to basketball - Teaching K-4th Grade the Basics