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Travel Team Pages

OMGBA Team Pages

This is a great feature for OMGBA and we encourage coaches and team administrators, traveling and house, to take advantage of it.

You can post your roster (but not tryout results --- that is done elsewhere), your schedule, pictures, comments, links to other basketball sites, and more... Have fun, but be respectful of this OMGBA resource.


Important Note for Team Page Editors

There are currently some compatability issues with our platform and Internet Explorer 9.  We hope to work with E9 more reliably in the coming months. For the time being, we recommend everyone use Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or version 8.0 of Internet Explorer.

Team Pages - How To Create


Step 1: If you do not already have an account, you'll need to create one for yourself by registering in the upper left hand corner where it says "Create An Account" or link your SportsEngine account to the OMGBA website where it says "Connect to OMGBA".

Step 2: Email your username (once logged in the website you can locate your username next to the small basketball logo in the upper left corner of the site), NOT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, and what team you are coaching. For example, TRAVEL Boys 8BII, TRAVEL Girls 8GI, HOUSE B401 or HOUSE G401.

Step 3: Wait for email confirmation indicating that your team pages have been set up and you've been given access.

If you have a team manager or parent you'd like to give editing access to,  have them follow step 1 and  step 2 - just email me their name and it is okay for them to edit.

Step 4: The coach or designated editor can then log in, go to the team page or pages, and edit them by clicking on "Edit Mode".   "Edit Mode" will be on the left side tool bar in light gray once you are on your team page, if you have editing access to that page. Editing is pretty straight forward, but contact if you have any questions.

Have fun, but remember for house league teams, it is all public so make sure it is appropriate.

For more documentation, please visit the Team Sport Technologies FAQ section.