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Traveling Frequently Asked Questions

How many traveling teams will you have?

OMGBA has limited access to full court, hardwood floors, and as such, we can only support up to 32 teams without altering our program in some manner.  In the past we typically have had 4-5 boys travel teams at each age level and 3-4 girls teams.

Unfortunately we don't always get an even distribution of players trying out at each grade and gender.  We look at historical tryout numbers, the talent level, and registration numbers prior to tryouts. We also take into consideration the available coaching pool. From this, we develop a plan.  However, we reserve the right to change the plan during tryouts based on actual tryout numbers and the related talent level.

We may add a team for a grade/gender if tryout numbers, talent level, and coaching pool support it.  Conversely, we may drop a team if the numbers, talent level, or coaching pool do not support it.

Can 7th or 8th graders tryout for high school basketball?

Tryouts for OMGBA travel teams are in September. Tryouts for High School basketball are in November.  Players making a travel team CAN NOT play Varsity or JV at the High school level.  They can play on the 9th grade teams but must make the travel schedules first priority. Once a player makes a travel team, there is no refund of fees for any reason. Players expected to make a JV/Varsity roster SHOULD NOT try out for traveling basketball.

4th Grade Traveling Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. When and where:
Dates, Times and Location TBD

2. Do you have to attend both days:

3. Do you have to pay a fee or register to try out:
No fee and you do not have to register but you have to have played in this fall's house league.

4. What if I can only make one day:
It will put you at a disadvantage but we will try to evaluate you as best we can in that one day.

5. What if I can't make either day:
Unfortunately we have no way of evaluating you and we would find it very difficult to place you on a team.

6. What do we wear:
Shorts, t-shirt and basketball shoes. You will be given a pre-numbered jersey.

7. How much does it cost if I make a team:
You already paid $170 for your uniform and house league expenses. We will collect $150 from you for the tournament expenses once you make a team.

8. What happens if I don't make a team:
OMGBA has a winter 3rd and 4th grade program that you will be able to register for in January.

9. What if I make a team and decide not to play:
This puts OMGBA in a terrible situation because we have already formed teams, cut players, and incurred the tournament expense for that team that is divided by 10 players. If you do this, you will forfeit any chance of playing in OMGBA any level. YOU NEED TO PLAY IF YOU TRY OUT!

10. How and when will we find out if we made a team:
Teams will be posted the night of the last tryout unless otherwise noted on the OMGBA website under tryouts.

11. How many teams will be formed:
We will form as many teams as we have qualified coaches that have interviewed and travel level players. Although we have had 6 coaches interview at each gender, some of their kids will make the same team. Coaches will not be selected until after the tryout.

12. Can parents watch the tryout: