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Reservations for the MGCG Meeting Room

Rules for Reserving the MGCG Meeting Room

  • Only OMGBA HEAD Coaches and Board Members can reserve the meeting room.
  • The Meeting Room can only be reserved during MGCG scheduled hours when a building supervisor is on duty and OMGBA has the permit. If you are unsure of this, email
  • The room can be used for team meetings or committee meetings and is NOT a party room. - NO food or beverages are allowed.
  • The room will be used first come first served.
  • All reservations must include the contact name, email, date, time, and purpose for the reservation.
  • All reservations must be in chronological order so add a row if you need to.
  • If you are a HEAD Coach - Contact your program coordinator to reserve the room.

MEETING ROOM - Please put dates in order

Name Contact Info Date Time Purpose
Sören Erickson Tue Oct. 29 7:30-8 pm Team meeting
Todd Sjoquist Wed Oct 2nd 730-8p Team Meeting
Cori Davison Mon Oct 21 6:00 - 9:00 3rd/4th Team Meetings
Karole Hanson Tues Oct 22 6:00-7:30 concessions mtg
John Resman Wed Oct 23 7:15-8:00 5GI Chalk Talk
Paula Johnson Thurs Oct 24 5:30-9:30 Travel Uniforms
Cori Davison Fri Oct 25 & Oct 26 All Day Set -up & Drafts
Mike Stern Wed Oct 30 7:00-8:00 Site Supervisor 101
Ben Schwanz Tue Dec 10 All Day Uniform Storage
Ben Schwanz Wed Dec 11 Unit 9:00pm Uniform Dist
Jaime H-6GI Thurs Dec 12 6 - 7:30pm Video
Jaime H-6GI Thurs 1/30 6:30 - 7:15 Video
Sören E - 6G3 Tue Feb. 11 7:20-7:45 Video
Troy Hagen Mon Feb 17 All Day PresDay Tourney