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Information on the OMGBA House Programs

What Do The Fees Pay For?

Each house player will receive a basketball reversible uniform (K, 1st & 2nd grade players receive a T-shirt).

End of season tournaments typically include awards inscribed for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Consolation to each player respectively. 3rd & 4th grade players will receive a participation award. 1st & 2nd grade players will receive a participation award.

OMGBA provides court space, balls, clocks/timers, record sheets, first aid kits, insurance, advertising, trophies & awards, and paid referees (3rd-12th) for all regular season and tournament games.

My child participates in multiple activities. When are practices?

Most House League teams practice once or twice per week. The dates and times vary, Monday through Friday, typically from 6pm-10pm. Because practices vary, you typically won't have a standing conflict every week with another activity.

How are House Teams formed?

1st - 4th Grade (Fall) teams are formed by school where possible.

3rd (winter)-12th Grade teams are formed through a draft process.  In order to make teams even, all players are drafted to teams by coaches.  Players must attend the draft to be drafted.  If players miss the draft, they are placed on teams alphabetically once the draft is complete.  Everyone makes a team. No trading players or player requests are allowed.

The general draft procedures are below.  There are some differences for the senior league drafts:

Optional Tournaments for House Teams

The Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS) offers optional (not covered by OMGBA) weekend SuperSaver tournaments as well as a year end Rec State Basketball Championship tournament for House teams. Should your team choose to enter these tournaments, the team must pay any entry fees.