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OMGBA Code Of Conduct

The philosophy of the Osseo Maple Grove Basketball Association (OMGBA) is that playing the game should be a fun and rewarding experience for all concerned, including players, coaches, spectators and referees.  We desire to maintain this environment throughout all OMGBA programs.

  1. We expect all participants, whether players, coaches or fans, to act with courtesy to all participants and …
  2. Once the game begins, control of the game is the responsibility of the referees assigned to that game.  They will be the judges of what is “appropriate conduct.”  Berating other players, teams, coaches or officials will not be tolerated.
  3. If the referee(s) believes that a player, a coach or a fan is acting inappropriately, he/she will approach and inform the coach about the individual(s) who needs to behave appropriately.  It will be the responsibility of the coach to inform the individual(s) to control his/her behavior.
  4. Should the behavior continue, the coach will be issued a second warning.  If a second warning is given a technical foul will be assessed.  The offending individual will then be asked to leave the gym for the duration of that particular game.  The game will be delayed until that individual has left the gym.
  5. If that individual refuses to leave the gym, the referee(s) has the authority to declare the game a “forfeit.”
  6. The OMGBA Board of Directors may exclude the individual from coaching, participating or attending the remainder of the season or future seasons, if deemed appropriate.